Touching means Support (Gesture Study)

To stand up, we touch ground = Our feet are touching the ground to stand up.

We touch our knee to strengthen the architecture of standing action.

Any point of our body touches on the surface we stand/rely/balance on.

When the hand touches on the side of the face, it means wondering. Or when it touches forehead diagonally, with the head slightly tilted to it, headache?

When our both hands touch/cover our face, it means Oops/Oh my!! Or crying? Or laughing.

When our hands support our chin to rest, it means pondering.

When we have the point that hurts, we touch/cover it with the hand. The care of the hand seems to heal the spot and feels the hand is protecting/warming up the spot.

We reach our hands/arms to the direction we need help; seek out; want to connect.

We wave our hand(s) to people to greet: to say good bye, hello.

We wave our hand in the different manner to express, “It’s nonsense,” “It’s OK,” “Leave it,” or “No.”

We push our hands with palms facing down to do the gesture of “calm down,” “be quiet,” “silence.” In opposite way, facing palms up, “Rise!”

We wave our hand to send air to our face when it’s hot; side ways in front of nose means smell bad, or softly toward your face to bring good smell in.

Victory pose. Yay!!


Cover mouth, yawn, cough…

Push…, Hit, Mold, Wipe, Cook, Create something, Hold Tools, Pat,



Stillness as our friends

“What does stillness do?”
If everything is connected, I’m connected with the matter I am concerned even if it’s happening away from me.

As we experienced in the “Weight in Relation Study,” yes, everything matters and moves, shifts based on our movements.

Then, if we are influenced by some political decision, why not our movement influences the other?

Taking the posture similar to Child Pose, except knees together, and with the one which hands/arms extended, I stayed still for a long time. I don’t know how long I did, yet below is what I felt.

Stillness brings…
The weight down & settles it down.
My nasal cavities were cleared.
My neck started to relax.
I started to feel my back fell, receiving gravity, and was in connection to the earth.

Through rehearsals, what I find was:


lets go
increases gravity

When does movement seek stillness?/When does stillness seek movement?

Stillness as a law?

Though things are never still, when I want to let something sit, I place it still.

Since we are constantly active, the more hectic we are, the more we appreciate the moment of stillness.

yet also those states are never still




in different states

in pushing


glue to dry
let it go/forget

In which state stillness happens/is happening?

later Jessica Cornish and Nora Sharp find:
Stillness exposes
tries to find equilibrium
expands eternal

Not every stillness is the one we fond of, yet maybe necessary…



©2016 Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape

Space is the World

Day 1 III (3/3/2016)

Playing —- Not Playing

Moving —- Not Moving

Score is the representation of the universe.

□ What it is.

Cut out

“Moment of reality.”
“Silence not planned.”
“Performance is the only result.”
“The other is also in a performance.”

“Moving. Coming over.”
“Accept situation as law.”
Limited Limiting

Performance Behavior
in the society.

Move well

Perform well


Vision and Weight Shift Study 

The movement of eyes + direction of the neck. Accompanied slight degrees of tilt.

Being present.

Weight Shift + eyes → Trying to take balance

*Facing of the body
facing of the body = the degree of curiosity/fear

*our choice is made in relation to everything else happening in the moment & history through your nature.

Weight in Relation Study

Day 1 Exercise A:

Placing the right little finger’s lateral side on the floor, start to see how the sense of weight shifts in the area and inside of the finger, internally. Slight movement in the neck, the leg, the feet … may not affect how it’s placed or the balance of the bones of the little finger (phalanges), yet actually does.

Take 1: The whole body.

This study is done to physically prove that some slight shift of somewhere among the whole influence some place of the other.

Music by Manfred Werder, “violin violincello klavier”

Take 2: The hand only

Absolute in you and others – new holistic individualism

My exploration of What is Movement? as a sponsored artist at the High Concept Laboratories has began. Please visit: About

Day 1

Intro to Movement:

Lying supine in X on the floor, I notice that I am breathing and my spiral heart pumping. I am feeling my weight and mass of bones and muscles, tissues, cells and liquid wrapped with my skin.

Closing my eyes, I imagine myself in the space, reaching throughout up, down, right left and all the way around, as sphere. Beyond the room, Chicago, USA, the land of America, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe in a sort of “Powers of Ten” point of view or the method of Ajikan meditation**.

Then, I think of endless time. I am floating and existing as a dot, transforming.

I think of others, other things, which are existing and moving in this moment now and transforming.

Then, I found absolute**** in me, which I was trying to find outside of me.

We are absolute.
You, me, everyone and everything, existing and sharing the moments of being interdependently. We all are absolute as a whole, succeeding and carrying the moments of NOW.

So…how it’s important just being responsible for our own movement, deeds, thoughts, words and again action.

Being aware of others and respecting the same value/right in others is challenging practice. Yet it is leading us to be one holistic individual. Recognizing absolute individuality in all of us, the ego-less responsible individuals collectively should be able to establish our selfhood as a whole.

I feel this is contemporary new holistic individualism.

*Informed by Robert Montilla
** Meditation method found in the Mahāvairocana Sūtra of Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism brought to Japan by Kukai or Kōbō-Daishi who established Shingon or “True Word” school of Buddhism in Japan during the beginning of Heian (794-1185/1192) period.
***Originally the school was established for members of the Imperial Family and aristocrats.
****I am not talking about any religious kind here at all.